Koh Phangan, Thailand

You may be wondering by now why my blog posts have been so prolific over the past few days?… No need to guess, I will spare you the suspense!! After a fabulous 2 weeks on the beautiful beaches of Haad Tien and Haad Yuan on Koh Phangan (an island in the south of Thailand), Boaz contracted dengue fever from a pesky mosquito. Such bad luck! He has been in hospital for the past few nights and so I have had lots of time on my hands by his bedside to catch up on the blog. Don’t worry, he is ok and hopefully he will be well enough for us to get on our flight home in a few days time! A massive thanks to Tali P, the third amigo on our Thailand leg, who has been an amazing support to both of us over the past week.

So, back to the first two weeks on Koh Phangan… such an amazingly perfect place to be for the last few weeks of our trip. We arrived intending to do a detox (ie. a fast and cleanse), then after a few days of eating raw foods to prepare for the detox, we decided we just wanted a relaxing holiday, so ditched the detox and did not look back! We filled our days with daily morning yoga, eating delicious healthy food (mostly at the Sanctuary), meditation, lots of beach time, lots of¬†massages, beach volleyball, a hike to a stunning viewpoint and Muay Thai kickboxing (Nats you would be so proud!!).

After all the travelling we have done it was so nice to kick back in a beautiful spot and stay put for a little while. We cant wait to come home and are feeling excited to get back into the swing of things in Melbourne. See you all very soon!!!


About postcard from the road

When saying goodbye, a friend left me with the following words of advice... "postcards dont go out of fashion". Share our adventures from the road on our fantastical year-long adventure.
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1 Response to Koh Phangan, Thailand

  1. ann kabillo says:

    You both look gorgeous. Amazing honeymoon……………. minus that bugger of a dengue fever. The family can’t wait to have you both home very soon healthy, happy, safe and sound. xx

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