Seven Lakes Drive

After relying on Argentinian public transport for the past month or so, heading out of Barlioche in our own wheels felt oh-so-good… that is, after a few hairy moments on a hill trying to figure out the car and then a few more hairy moments driving slowly but surely on the opposite side of the road as we headed out of the hectic city which appeared to have minimal road rules, traffic lights and lane markings! Once we hit the highway taking us along the Seven Lakes route rive we started to relax, switched on Radio Bariloche which was belting out all of our favourite 80s classics and reminisced about our trip around Australia.

Along the drive we passed, yes you guessed, 7 lakes! We ate lunch and Boaz had a very refreshing dip at the first, at the next few we took in the view and by the 4th or 5th started looking for somewhere to set up our camp for the night. We were lucky enough to find a beautiful spot on the soft green grassy shores of Lago Falkner and set about setting ourselves up for the night.

Sweet dreams…. and the stars were absolutely spectacular!!

The next day we passed through San Martin de los Andes, a quaint village where you could be mistaken for thinking that you were somewhere in the Alps in Europe. By the time we ate lunch in the local square, walked around the town, drank a quick cup of coffee (which, as we have become accustomed to in Argentina, was accompanied by a yum sweet treat!), it was time to head back to Bariloche. A few kms out of San Martin I was completely surprised when the landscape dramatically changed. The lush trees and greenery disappeared and all of a sudden we were surrounded by desert mountains and plains. Again, even thought there were lakes and rivers flowing through it was oh-so-dry everywhere else.


About postcard from the road

When saying goodbye, a friend left me with the following words of advice... "postcards dont go out of fashion". Share our adventures from the road on our fantastical year-long adventure.
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