Our nostrils lead the way on our first meander down the main street in Bariloche as they could not help but be drawn to the sweet smell of chocolate drifting out of every second shop we passed. Our taste buds then took over as every shop we entered readily offered us a sample of Bariloche’s speciality. It was a real treat and we lapped it up! Boaz also discovered helado (ice cream) that he says rivals Juaja in El Bolson but I’m not convinced!

Bariloche sits on the side of a mountain right on Lago Nahuel Hampi which means spectacular views wherever you look. We spent a day wandering around town and happened upon a few bits of interesting graffiti and a few peculiar tourist attractions. We arrived the day of the Bariloche Classic and oohhed and ahhhed as the talented kite surfers jumped, twisted and  turned high above the waves as they competed for the crown.

We enjoyed our stay at family owned Lo De Max (Max’s Place) mostly because Max and his family were so friendly and welcoming. Most nights we hung out in one of the local cafes, drank rooibos and espresso and sampled the many flavours of delicious artisan ice cream. One evening Max invited us to share a chocolate fondu with some of the other guests. Yes, chocolate is everywhere here, we couldn’t get away from it if we tried.

The thing to do here in the summer is to get out of town and into the surrounding lakes, rivers and mountains. We thoroughly enjoyed our 26km bike ride up, down and around the Circuito Chico circuit (which at the time felt more up than down!) that passes some spectacular lakes. We lived the high life for about an hour when we stopped for a break at Llao Llao (the famous resort) and enjoyed drinks on the terrace overlooking more spectacular lakes.

The other absolute highlight was our white water rafting trip along Rio Manso through Class III and IV rapids. It  was such an adrenalin rush. I am hooked. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos on the river so all you are going to get are our fabulously attractive “before” shots. 


About postcard from the road

When saying goodbye, a friend left me with the following words of advice... "postcards dont go out of fashion". Share our adventures from the road on our fantastical year-long adventure.
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