Torres del Paine

The last week or so has taken us from Buenos Aires to El Calefate (south Argentina) to Puerto Natales (in Chile) and finally to our destination… Torres del Paine National Park. We have just emerged from 5 days in the rugged wilderness of Pategonia and I think it is going to take me a lot longer for the absolutely unbelievably experience to sink in.

We headed into the park on a clear, crisp sunny morning, which amazingly for us continued throughout the WHOLE 5 DAYS!! We hardly saw a cloud and for that we feel blessed (and it also made for a much more pleasurable experience!). With our muchillas (backpacks) stuffed with sleeping bags, mats, a tent, 2 changes of clothes (one for the day and one for the night), toilet paper, suncream, fuel, pots and food for 5 days we started our journey via a catamaran ride through Lake Grey.

The essentials (food and sleep)

We brought along leftover camping food from our Australia trip, delicious ready-to-eat Indian curries. Together with rice and dehydrated peas, dinner was indescribably tasty at the end of a long day and we were the envy of many a fellow hiker.

Our tent was generally comfortable (and some nights even had world-class views) but for the absolutely freezing cold nights and mornings. We woke up the first morning with glistening frost clinging to the inside of our tent. Our Australian tent not the best choice for Patagonian summer! With fires not being allowed, due to a recent mishap with an Israeli backpacker who started a massive fire and caused the park to be closed for some time, the only defence against the cold was to put on every available layer of clothing that we had brought.. and then head into the Refugios for some creature comforts… a glass of wine and hot chocolate to warm our bones.

We shared our experience with a group of post-army Israeli trekking enthusiasts who were one the same route and who kept us entertained, shared food, fuel, tea and bots (coffee brought all the way from Israel) and commiserated with our aches, pains and sleep deprivation due to the cold.

On the road

We hiked between 6-9 hours a day though dramatic landscapes of snow-capped mountains, rivers flowing down the sparse slopes into flowing rivers and green forests. Breathtakingly beautiful. We drank water straight from the rivers, the most refreshing, sweet tasting fresh water that I have ever tasted. I was Also very impressed with the park rangers, who constantly reminded everyone not to wash themselves or their pots in the rivers, keeping them in pristine condition.

We followed in the footsteps of many, hiking the “W”, a trek that took us through some of the highlights of the park…

Glacier Grey (Day 1)

French Valley (day 3)

By day 4, not even a freezing cold lake could prevent Boaz from hopping in for a very refreshing (and cleansing) swim!

Torres del Paine (the towers) (day 5).

An amazing adventure and at the end, we were still standing with sunkissed skin, sore feet and knees, windswept hair, chapped lips and massive big broad grins across our faces. Ready to do it all again tomorrow. Well almost, just need a hot shower first!

About postcard from the road

When saying goodbye, a friend left me with the following words of advice... "postcards dont go out of fashion". Share our adventures from the road on our fantastical year-long adventure.
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7 Responses to Torres del Paine

  1. Anonymous says:

    Deb, it all looks amazing, what a wonderful journey…greetings to you and <boaz from chilly but amazing berlin…no sunshine!!!!! love pauline

  2. ann kabillo says:

    Deb, the blog is fantastic. Love your style and your amazing experiences inspire wonderful writing and descriptions. The photos – you both look terrific and the views are jaw dropping. Awesome in the true sense of the word. Such a spiritual experience. For me it conjures up a higher power.
    Love, Ann xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    you both look great and your experiences sound truely amazing.keep enjoying
    love Yvonne K

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Deb&Boaz,
    That 5 day trek in the Torres Del Paine looks bloody awesome the pics are spectacular.
    I think that will have to be our be next hike

    Travel safe

  5. miketindr says:

    Hi Deb & Boaz – I’m in the process of documenting my own trip to Torres Del Paine a few years back and was wondering if I could borrow one of your photos (with attribution of course). After our trip, our camera card broke so we lost every one of our pictures of the trip. I want to demonstrate how, if you’re afraid of heights, walking along the trail to the Torres themselves can be harrowing. Would you mind?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Mike, I’m sorry to hear about your lost photos – please feel free to borrow ours (with attribution of course!). I hope you enjoyed the treck as much as we did. Thanks for your message, it prompted me to revisit the blog and reminisce about our fabulous trip!

  6. Mike says:

    Hi Guys – thanks so much for the loan of the photo – I’ve finally posted the story (although it likely needs a few more edits) at

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