First and foremost, a big shout out of thanks to the Perth crew (Benji, Naama, Jess and Joel) who were so welcoming and shared their favourite parts of Perth with us and also Kaz for my gorgeous new feathers! We had a fantastic time staying with Benji and Naama, whose house was right on the river, perfect for morning walks.

After so long on the road pretty much self catering during most of our trip so far, we splurged and basically ate our way through Perth. First stop was Annalakshmi on the Swan, a pay-as-you-feel indian curry delight with fantastic views of the Swan River from the balcony.

We were also lucky to stumble upon the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra practicing for their concert in the park the next night and soaked up the sounds.

Next food stop was Little Creatures in Fremantle (we totally heart Freo!), followed by Genesis in the Hills (Naama’s mums amazing vegetarian creation) in the hills surrounding Perth. The newly opened Clancy’s Fish Pub was right on City Beach and served delicious fresh fish and cider. Cider is all the rage here. Yum!

We also got a taste of what the artists in town were up to and joined Naama at a dotdotdash spoken word evening where we played ‘font or cheese’ and listened to some great performances and won some books!

We hung out at Perth’s turquoise water beaches, Fremantle’s Port and cafes and were very excited to replenish our pantry with our favourite all natural peanut butter. The New Edition Bookshop in Fremantle is in my top 5 best favourite bookshops for so many reasons, the Grumpy Sailor cafe just out front, it is housed in a building that looks like a town hall complete with columns out front, the vintage clothing for sale at the back and the books, oh the books, I could be there for hours oogling (no photos though, I was too busy checking out the books!).

After all of that it was definitely hard to leave, but we must continue on… luckily Margaret River awaits!


About postcard from the road

When saying goodbye, a friend left me with the following words of advice... "postcards dont go out of fashion". Share our adventures from the road on our fantastical year-long adventure.
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2 Responses to Perth

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad you loved Perth – we were there many years ago and found it utterly charming. You are having an amazing time and will remember this trip always.

  2. Marilyn Snider says:

    Genesis in the Hills looks divine. Ann taught me the passion of that word and I can’t think of a better description for Rivka and Ita’s restaurant. I had the thought that if we all lived in Perth your wedding may have taken place there. Continued journeying pleasure…Marilyn

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