Exmouth & Coral Bay (Ningaloo Reef)

Exmouth was a sleepy coastal town where we based ourselves to explore the underwater wonders of the tropical Ningaloo Reef. The reef is spread across a few 100kms of coast and begins only a few meters from the beach. We spent our time beach and reef hopping, each time walking only a few steps from the sand into a whole new world of tropical fish, coral and other marine life.

Sadly we didn’t have an underwater camera so the photos on this post will unfortunately not capture the amazing flourescent blues, yellows, oranges and pinks of the tropical fish and coral (unbelievable that these colours exist in nature!), the graceful turtles, floating sting rays or the reef shark that Boaz was lucky enough to spot! What we can show you is the incredible coastline, amazing tropical waters and our trendy snorkling gear that is all the rage out here!

We also went on a fishing adventure thanks to Bob, a friendly fellow camper, who generously let us join him on his boat for a day. Due to past experiences I was already feeling a bit green at just the thought of being on a smallish boat for any length of time, so I dosed up on Kwells and donned special acupuncture wristbands to keep the sea sickness at bay (FOMO at its worst!). Thankfully it pretty much worked and the only drama was trying to find the fish. It amazed me that even with all the technology on board these days (sonar, radio etc) we ended up relying on trying to spot the birds who were going after the  same fish we were trying to catch. All was not lost when after about 6 hours at sea we came home with 2 school mackerel, which lasted us 3 dinners (and was delicious every time!). Again, much harder to eat the fish when (apart from my vegetarian leaning ethical issues) you are up close and personal with the blood and guts of it all.

Fauna spotted: Apart from tropical fish and other marine life, while we were on the boat Boaz was lucky enough to spot a whale jump up out of the water!


About postcard from the road

When saying goodbye, a friend left me with the following words of advice... "postcards dont go out of fashion". Share our adventures from the road on our fantastical year-long adventure.
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1 Response to Exmouth & Coral Bay (Ningaloo Reef)

  1. ann kabillo says:

    The water, the colour, fresh, clear, magnificent!! It beckons. I want to swim there. You both look beautiful.

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