Melbourne to Adelaide

So, we finally hit the road, complete with snacks (thanks Tali and Nick!) and a delicious honey, ginger and lemon tea in my plunger thermos (quickly becoming an essential piece of equipment – thanks Nitty!).. Woo hoo!! I think it is going to take some adjusting to slow down from our hectic pace to a more casual go-with-the-flow-we-are-on-holidays-there-is-no-rush mode.

HYOLA fieldsOn the road to Adelaide we passed many many fields of wheat and many more fields of very pretty bright yellow flowers which glowed against the background of greens, browns and bright blue sky. As we passed I thought about how disconnected I am to the food chain, as I had not the faintest idea what was growing there. Thankfully Google sorted me out and I am pretty sure we were passing canola fields (at least that’s what I think HYOLA stands for!!).

Other highlights included lunch by the lake in Ararat and none other than the Giant Koala. It was the first Giant thing we saw on the way. We had to stop. Really. We are on holidays. (The redeeming factor was that we got to see a real-live koala too.. well, over the fence, you dont think we actually went in!!)

Lunch in Ararat

Lunch in Ararat


Ahh.. the serenity!!

Ahhh.. the serenity

The Giant Koala

The Giant Koala

Last night we stayed at Pendleton Farmstay (near Keith, about 200km from Adelaide) and thanks to the helpful advice from Farmer Brian that the rain was a-comin’ we opted to sleep in a cabin (read very rustic tin shed). Shout out to Tamar – great map!!

Thanks for your comments so far (especially from Benji and Shae!). Keep them coming, we love hearing from you.

Wildlife spotted so far (not including roadkill): Koala, Camel, Snake, White Kangaroo


About postcard from the road

When saying goodbye, a friend left me with the following words of advice... "postcards dont go out of fashion". Share our adventures from the road on our fantastical year-long adventure.
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6 Responses to Melbourne to Adelaide

  1. benji kabillo says:

    Was “The Giant Koala” scary?

  2. Leonie Grynberg says:

    Well well well. It looks like we’re going to know much more about you while you’re away than when you were here.
    Nimbin cheese, mmm, what’s in that I wonder !!!!
    Sounds like you’re having a great time so far and we’re all going to enjoy your adventures – well that is whichever you choose to share.
    Be well, be safe.
    Love Leonie and Mike

  3. ann kabillo says:

    I love this blogging thing. This is a first for me. Photos are great! Love your blog Deb. Benj and I read it together. Benj and Shasie are really involved in it. While you’re travelling to the Barossa we are sitting down to Roni’s pasta – a treat of another kind. xox Love always

  4. Roni K says:

    You guys have taken to this journey like ducks to water. What a great start!! May you continue to reap every bit of fulfillment on offer along the way and return full fledged veterans of the road with yellow beaming canola smiles and as connected to the food chain as plankton are to whales. Have a ball !!

  5. Ittay says:

    Hi Guys,
    We just spent the last week in Adelaide. On the drive there, the many beautiful fields of yellow flowers also stuck out in our memory. It felt like we were driving through a postcard. Nava also liked spotting the many sheep and cows we passed.
    Enjoy the rest of your journey through our beautiful country
    Shana Tova
    Love Carm and Ittay

  6. SusieCharlie says:

    have a wonderful time. drive safely. we are having a lovely evening with all the Kabillos except you’re not here and we miss you!!!
    all the very best, Susie and charlie

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